OCEANLIFE5475 West Loop S. Houston, TX 77081 713.218.8352 Two extreme hobbyists coming together to form one of the finest retail stores for marine aquarium fish and coral in the greater Houston area. Manager, Nick Nguyen has been in the aquarium industry for over 20 years. His knowledge and experience can help ensure you maintain a beautiful aquarium in your home or office. Nick and his staff are available to assist you with any questions you might have on custom aquariums, aquarium service and maintenance, as well as discussing the different types of fish and coral you are interested in adding to your tank.

















Great livestock, clean tanks, knowledgeable staff, and great prices![ YELP]


Oceanlife is a certified dealer for RedSea, Innovative Marine, JBJ, and Planet Aquarium custom reef tanks. We have a large selection from 20 gallon nano's, to 180 gallon all-in-one systems. As well as the ability to order any custom tank you desire!.

Need help?  Drop by and speak to our staff and us.


We’re hobbyists turned retailers and now shop owners.  We have decades of knowledge, and experience keeping saltwater fish-only to full reef aquariums.  We know what works, how to keep it well, and how to grow it beautifully.


Really need an extra hand?  Our staff can drop by and repair, refresh, touch-up or take your system to the next level. Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance services available.


Basic cleaning, water changes, water testing, glass and sand detailing, equipment maintenance, and emergency services available.


Want something unique, that needs to fit into a tight space, or matches your home decor?  We specialize in custom work from wrought-iron to modern wooden cabinetry to the petite and extravagant systems.


We can move, breakdown, start, or maintain an aquarium for you - all at completive prices.


Centrally located next to the Galleria, Bellaire area, right off 610 West near US 59 and Westpark.  Easily accessible from around the Houston area.


Drop by and see what’s in-store.  Spouse and kid-friendly.  We have a seating area with 2 TV’s for kids and spouses to rest while you to take a quick look.


A wide selection of livestock and supplies from food to full aquarium set-ups in stock.  Find that special coral or fish.






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5475 West Loop S.

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Closed Monday

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